Math 8 Course Information

In this course, you will learn to use new models and methods to think about and solve problems. You will be developing powerful mathematical tools and learning new ways of thinking about and investigating situations. You will be making connections, discovering relationships, figuring out what strategies can be used to solve problems, and explaining your thinking. Learning math this way has an advantage: as long as you actively participate, make sure everyone in your study team is involved, and ask good questions, you will find yourself understanding mathematics at a deeper level than ever before.

Supplies You Need

  • 2-inch binder

  • 3 tabbed dividers (Titles: Notes, Review & Preview, Tests/Projects)

  • Pencils, sharpener, colored pencils, highlighters, erasers, ruler, protractor

  • Graph Paper (3-hole punched)

  • Calculator (needs pi, square, and square root function, TI-30 is a good choice)

  • NewLA planner

Teacher Contact Information

Mr. Crabb
NewLA Charter School, Room 202

Online Resources

Algebra Tiles - This web site has digital tiles that are meant to help you with a number of abstract concepts.

College Prep Math - This web site has all of the resource pages, tools, and interactive problems linked from the text book. Please visit this site frequently.

Khan Academy - this is a fantastic site with videos and interactive practice problems. 

Math Is Fun - this is a good no-stress site that teaches math concepts.
Desmos - this is a super helpful graphing calculator and interactive web site.

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